BELABOX BEE IRL streaming encoder

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  • efficient H265 video encoding
  • support for bonding multiple modems / network connections
  • dynamic bitrate control to remain connected even in marginal signal conditions
  • built-in 1080p60 HDMI capture card
  • also able to receive a RTMP stream from a phone or action camera and use it as the input instead of HDMI
  • built-in WiFi
  • 4 high power USB ports available for modems
  • designed and built by Rational IRL, the creator and developer of BELABOX - supported and tested as a first class platform for the BELABOX software going forward
  • premium case fully CNC machined out of aluminium, carbon fibre and impact-resistant HDPE, with a built-in cooling fan
  • 6 months of BELABOX cloud service worth $60 included for free

Limited edition
We've secured parts for a small production run. We're unsure if and when further batches will be made, so sales are limited to 1 unit per buyer and 1 unit per shipping address. Orders of more than 1 unit will be cancelled and refunded.

Why choose BELABOX BEE over a DIY BELABOX setup?
  • ready to use out of the box, no tinkering involved
  • internal capture card, no more errors caused by capture cards being picky about USB extension cables
  • use up to 4 USB modems, 1 WiFI connection and 1 Ethernet connection out of the box, without having to resort to powered USB hubs
  • high input voltage tolerance, no more undervoltage warnings
  • HDMI input signal detection, if the camera turns off or the cable disconnects, the stream will go to BRB rather than showing a black video
  • about 10% lower power usage than using a DIY Jetson Nano devkit setup* - so longer battery life
  • Video encoding: 500 - 12,000 Kbps H265, up to 1080p60
  • Audio encoding: Opus or AAC
  • HDMI input resolutions: 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x720, 1024x768, 800x600
  • Network protocol: SRTLA for bonding multiple connections between the encoder and the cloud relays, SRT from the cloud relays to OBS / other streaming software
  • Power input: 5.5mm barrel jack, 9-15V, min 1A (1.5-2.5A if powering USB devices). 15V USB-C PD/QC trigger cable included.
  • Power usage (1080p60 HDMI signal input, 8000 Kbps bitrate, streaming over Ethernet, WiFi disconnected, no USB devices, approximate values):
    • 1080p60: 6.5 watts
    • 1080p30: 6.0 watts
  • Maximum USB current: 2.5A shared between each pair of ports, 4A total shared between all 4 ports
  • Weight: 330g (0.73lbs)
  • Dimensions: 132x113x25mm (5.2"x4.5"x1")

6 months free BELABOX cloud service
You'll receive a unique voucher code which will grant you access to the $10 BELABOX cloud tier for 6 months. This will allow you to use a BELABOX cloud remote and a BELABOX cloud SRTLA relay for free for the first half an year.

Six month warranty for manufacturing defects. Liquid damage, mechanical damage from impacts and wear & tear not covered under warranty. Defective units must be returned for repair or replacement. Customer responsible for any import taxes & return postage.

We may be able to provide repairs for encoders that are out of warranty and for issues excluded from warranty. Get in touch

* 6.5 watts for BELABOX BEE vs 7.1 watts for Jetson Nano 2GB vs 7.6 watts for Jetson Nano 4GB (Jetson Nano devkit setups using a Cam Link 4K + USB WiFi - disconnected; all encoding 1080p60 video at 8000 Kbps and streaming it over Ethernet only)