Camera case for Sony FDR-X3000 / HDR-AS300

£40.00 - £55.00
This is a lightweight case designed for livestreaming with the Sony FDR-X3000 or HDR-AS300 cameras. It:
  • supports the HDMI and USB cables plugged into the camera, to protect the ports and avoid HDMI glitches when moving the camera around
  • provides some protection to the lens without affecting image quality (unlike the glass lens protectors which reduce contrast and cause lens flares)
  • covers up the white body of the camera to make it less brightly noticeable when shoulder mounted

Weight (case only): 25g
Material: MJF printed Nylon 12
Colour: black

What's included
  • MJF printed case
  • 5mm M5 setscrews for securing the cables
  • 2.5mm Allen key for the setscrews and ejecting the camera out of the case using the tripod screw mount
  • Only if purchased as an option - one HDMI cable and one micro USB cable - note that the cables will no longer ship pre-fitted to the case if purchased

Watch a previous version saving the day

Replacement or refund for manufacturing defects of the case within one year. Damage from impacts or overtightening of the setscrews is explicitly not covered. The cables, if purchased, are considered a wear part and are also excluded from warranty coverage. Potential damage to the camera while using the case isn't covered under warranty.

Note that the cover that goes over the rear ports of the camera has to be removed to be able to use the case. Cut off one side of the retaining clip that attaches the cover to the camera or follow these instructions to disassemble the camera and remove the port cover assembly intact

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